Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change...yet another one

Hi All,

Its been a while that I have written anything. Actually I was just pure lazy, those who know me would vet it.

During this span of no posts on my blog, there have been a lot of changes in my life majorly on a professional front.

I quit my earlier job and joined a law firm. No, no not immediately but after a break of around 20 days....yesss 20 days :). Though I planned a trip to Leh on a Royal Enfield, it couldn't materialize due to various reasons.

However, I did travel rather made two short trips. One trip was very spontaneous. In the process of planning a trip to Bangalore to meet my friends me and my friend Mohan made a plan to visit Kasauli. Those who don't know Kasauli is a small hill station near Shimla.

It was more of a weekend get away. It turned out to be a very relaxing trip. We (Me, Mohan and my cousine Dhruv) just sat in the balcony amidst clouds, eat good food and sipped JD.

My second trip was to Jodhpur. I went to my college in Jodhpur to attend the convocation...yes finally we had our convocation.

However, the main motive to attend the convocation was to meet all of my batch mates and ahh wat a wonderful time I had. Stayed in the same hostel, same floor and the same room. Nostalgia was all over me and den the night of get together. The time I had in Jodhpur can't be explained in words.

Finally, I came back and joined my new office and life now seems to going back on the grinding track.

I spent the remaining days shifting my house, setting it up and chilling out eating home cooked food.

All in all the break I took in between jobs was refreshing and I am once again full of energy. All what is left to be seen is till when does it last....

Till den



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