Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hi all,

Apologies for such a long gap... its been long since I have written anything. Why?? because I was tied up in lot of things...

So very soon you will see a fresh post..its on its way...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Third time watch: Oye Lucky ! Lucky Oye! ('OLLO')

Hi All,

I would be watching OLLO for the third time tonite. The circumstances have been such that I had to watch it thrice. First watch was with my cousin, the second watch was with my boss and the third watch would be with my mom and other cosines

But I must admit that I enjoyed watching it twice and I hope to enjoy it for the third time too. 

Lot of people might not like the movie but I like the concept, the attitude and mostly the setup in which the movie has been made. I think a lot of people would be able to relate to the surrounding. The underlying humor in the movie is awesome.  

That's all for now....


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

latest acquisitions...

Hi All,

If you remember, sometime back I wrote about two of my latest acquisitions. Time time has come for me to write about them...

Acquisition 1: Sheesha a.k.a Hookah

For a very long time I wanted to own a Hookah. I was sick and tired of going to Hookah Bars and spending a fortune on them. I wanted to have one at my home and smoke it whenever I want. I wasn't getting an opportunity to buy one for myself actually there is very less choice is Delhi and Hookahs are expensive here. You can find relatively cheeper and better Hookahs in Mumbai.

One day my Jiju made a plan to visit Shirdi and from there to Mumbai...I found it an apt opportunity and thus I explained him the fun/ use/ cost saving/ benefits of a Hookah. So he agreed to get me one....

When he went to Mumbai my brothers there helped him out to choose one for me and one for himself. He came back with a nice big Hookah with 10 flavors... was a bliss to smoke the Hookah for the first time... I was amazed with the kind of variations with which one can smoke it.... you can use water, ice, juice, milk as a natural filter to increase the thickness, taste and temperature of the smoke.

Though I don't smoke it much as it contains .5% tobacco which can be injurious to health over time ;) ... nevertheless it was a good buy and I am proud to own one..!!

Acquisition 2: Stamp Paper Painting

For those who don't know I am lover of art and antiques. I also had a great collection of antique coins which got stolen from an exhibition...bloody Ba*^&*%

One evening I was at 'Dilli' Haat with my mom and a friend. While she was busy purchasing something... I casually walked into an art store... I was suddenly attracted to a collection of paintings made on 99 years to 300 years old Stamp Papers... I was intrigued by two things... firstly, the fact that the Stamp Papers were very old and secondly, how beautifully the paintings were made on those Stamp Papers.

I immediately bought one got it framed and now it finds place in my drawing room amongst my priciest possessions...



PS: The actuals are different from the ones shown above!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

party,,, 2:02 AM, 7 December 2008

Hi All,

I have just finished with an awesome get together at my house...

All my cosines in NCR came to my house, we all chatted, guffawed, ate, drank and had great fun...

It was after a long time that all of us met together... the best part of this get together was that it was totally unplanned...

Anyways I am dead tired now... so I am going off to sleep..

will write more during the day...

till then


Thursday, December 4, 2008

hectic hectic hectic....

I couldn’t take it anymore… I had to write something. Its been long since I wrote anything on my blog. Reason?? The reason is work… I was piled up with work and it seemed that the economy has suddenly revived.

I didn’t get time to write anything at all. Apologies to those who visited my blog with a hope to see a post (if there is anyone).

I finally decided to write a post and since it is not possible for me to a post in one go due, I plan to this post during the day and mention the time of the day after every paragraph. (11:45 AM)

Monday was the most hectic day of my term in EY. I don’t know what happened but suddenly everything came up at once. During the whole day I just kept on attending meetings, taking calls, sending e-mails and making memos… (1:10 PM)

Tuesday was relatively interesting.. I was asked to prepare a note on the scope of the words “in any manner” and establish that it is not wide. I say the exercise was interesting because after a long time in EY I got an opportunity to research like a lawyer, apply statutory interpretations etc etc (4:30 PM)

On Wednesday too the saga of “in any manner” continued and it ended at 11 PM in the night. By then I was so tired that I fell asleep 1) at the reception of my office and 2) in the car… (5:00 PM)

During these three days, nothing really exciting happened. I kept on working and they kept on making me work.. (6:50 PM)

Today one of my junior from college came to office for an interview. It was nice to see someone from college again. I felt like going back to college and relive those days… (7:45 PM)

I am still sitting in office finishing up some work, I should be able to leave in half an hour.... and then once again a long travel back home…

Although all these days have been very hectic but its been a good exposure and learning. I am learning to withstand pressure and multitask. Lot of times when I am caught in a high pressure situation I wonder how/ where would I be 10 years down the line and I get many answers which only time will testify. (9:30 PM)

Weekend is nearing and I am seriously looking forward for this one… I just want to relax (once again) (9:35 PM)

I will try to write more…

Till then