Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hi All,

I know that ages have passed since I have written anything on my blog... I don't have a solid and valid reason for it... I have been lazy, bored, loaded with work and all that jazz...

So that now I am sitting in office piled with work, I decided that I should take out sometime and write.

Life has been just OK. I have made some decisions in the recent past about which I shall write when they materialize.

One more thing which I have learned is that no matter where you work you are bound to get screwed...except if you are lucky enough to be working in 'google'.

Nearly half an year has passed and I also completed one year in my current job.. time just flew. I didn't realize that I have spent such a long time in this organization. Good for me, better for them!!! :P

Right now I am looking at the menu for today's lunch in office and what they have to office is this:

Rasamisha Chana Masala,
Kathal Masala
Paneer Lababdar
Greek Salad
Butter Milk
Roti & Rice

but knowing the quality of food, no matter what they write, it has to be bad. So I decided not to have lunch. Its better to drink coffee and me merry than eat sad tasting food and feel sleepy after that..!

When I started writing this Blog I wanted to update it very frequently (read everyday) however, owing to lot of things, I couldn't... apologies for that... but wtf its my space, I decide what and when to write...

I have recently fallen in love....yes... in love... but not with a human... with a phone.. ie Blackberry Bold... that phone is awesome... has a very niche and corporate feel...that is next on my 'to buy' list... obviously after vegetables, fruits, toiletries etc etc...

If you remember, i have a plant kept on my desk. Over a span of one year, I have seen that plant grow. Old leaf die, new ones come, then they die and the newer ones grow... its amazing how just a plant explains life so easily ie its all about change, nothing remains people come and go and this shall go on!

Anyways... if you feel that this post was very disjointed and unrelated...well it was!!

till i write a non-disjointed (or whatever the correct word is)