Thursday, February 19, 2009

King of Good Times!!!

Hi All,

This post is dedicated to the one of the best time of my life and also to the people who made it possible.

Ever heard about the 3 musketeers??? Yes??? Read on to find out about the 3 err 4 musketeers that walked the roads of Namma Bangaluru!!


Ped aka Mohan

Gow aka Gowri

Erico aka Erica



Bugger aka Sameer

Wondering who they are?? These are the people who made the best time possible. My X (very sadly so) Colleagues in the company situated in Bangalore where I interned. Lets call this place the ‘Secret Society of the Wall Street’ (SSWS)…

I post will flow back in time ie from my second term to the first term in SSWS. I met Gow towards the end of my first term in GS and Ped & Erico at the start of my second term.

Though I had heard about them thorough my sources before I joined back for my second term. I was looking forward to meet them, but I had no clue what was in store for me.

We all got together in the LEGEN…wait for it… DARY New Year's party hosted by the ‘Corporate Services’ department of the SSWS. Surprisingly, none of us was sure whether we would be attending the party, but we did and for good.

We came close during those amazing 4 hours of complete fun at the party. The party, for everyone's information, was based on the 70s theme.

Post the party there was no looking back. We guys started hanging out together and spent some of the awesomeEST time together. The memory of those events are still fresh in my mind.

The Pyramid

Pyramid is a ‘food court’ adjacent to the SSWS’s office. Pyramid and the places around it became our usual hang out point. I still remember the 3 hours of ‘short’ break we all took. And what a time it was!!! Thinking about it automatically brings a smile on my face. We discussed about some of the ‘assorted’ characters in the team we were working in and we laughed our ass off..!! The snowman, the *** couple (we all know who) splashing water at each other!! Wow!! I wish I could relive that time once again..!

Donut Baker

Most of our trips after the office hours were spontaneous (read not planned). So was the trip which, I think, was initialized due to my quest for the ‘Rubik’s Cube’, which I never finished ... lol… no..not because I could not... but because I thought its made for the lesser mortals to prove there intelligence :P

After purchasing the Cube we landed at The Donut Baker. AND we hogged on Donuts as if there was no tomorrow. Those were the best donuts I had ever eaten. The reason for which, I think, was not the chef but the company of the 4 musketeers.

Firangi Pani

Firangi Pani is a pub in Bangalore and as you all would have guessed till now, we crash landed there too. Only to scream, laugh, dance and crash at Jyoti’s place. Jyoti is another legendary character, whom I would be discussing in my next post.

Firangi Pani was great fun, each one in the pub was looking at us and thinking ‘are these guys crazy??’ but there we were, not concerned about anyone. High on life and of course booze..:P

After Jyoti’s place, Ped and me started our trip back home and as expected we got lost. At 2 am in the night, we were lost in ‘Old Bangalore’. We drove from one ‘circle’ to another ‘circle’ and we were crying for help but…not a soul!! Finally we found a loner who redirected us to another ‘circle’ and we finally reached home with all the sweet memories to remember.

Group Chat

During my term in SSWS, Ped had to visit the SSWS regional headquarters for 3 months to get some ‘secret’ training and the group of 4 musketeers got reduced to 3.. :( .

But we were determined! So we started the group chat sessions. It used to be great fun to chat with the 3 musketeers sitting beside each other and the 4th one in London :) . And the saga of the chat continued.

People… the aforementioned events are only few amongst those which are still fresh in my memory. There are many more! But for the sake of time and constraint of space I am not putting everything down.

Erico, Gow, Ped please feel free to add on to it. This post is dedicated to you all.

Sadly the times have changed and may be things are not the same now. My internship ended. I graduated and joined some other company. The remaining 3 musketeers are still with the SSWS.

But I wish it does become the same as it was… :) Love you all!!!

I shall keep writing more about the 'good times' I had in SSWS…

till then



Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi All,

This post is the result of my latest fit of introspection. For the past few days I have been introspecting about my life, its purpose and the expectations I had with it.

When I passed out of college, I had a rather Utopian view of the world and how it works. Irrespective of the horror stories which were narrated to me by my senior about how the life is all about work, how everyone has lost touch, how nothing is the same, I forced myself to believe that things would be better this way. I won’t let myself succumb to the pressure of life and rather the ‘corporate way of life’.

Now here I am, 9 months since I left Room 110, Ameer Ali Halls, National Law University, NH 64, Mandore, Jodhpur – 342004, introspecting and ruminating about everything I forced myself to believe while leaving college. Have I been successful in not succumbing to the pressures of the ‘corporate world’. Maybe for the first time ever, I would admit…NO I AM NOT SUCCESSFUL!! I miserably failed….. !!!

Maybe more than everyone else. The life seems to be revolving around office, work, appraisals, memos and mails. Life is routine, the excitements in life have reduced to exploring a new expensive restaurant or trying a new scotch.

I ended up realizing that I don’t want these excitements. For me exploring a new way to eat raw Maggi and tasting the local made ‘AC Sexy’ was much more pleasurable than what I am doing right now.

Those friends with whom I used to spend the major part of my day, now weeks go by and we don’t even get to talk once.

NO, I am not against working, I enjoy what I do. What I am against or rather what I fail to understand is, why do we end up sacrificing what we once cherished the most? Why can’t we live the same way and yet work the way we are doing right now?

I don’t have an answer to these questions!!! Do you??????