Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Rendezvous with SLEEP!!

Hi All,

In this post I plan to venture into an area, where each of you has treaded. I am writing about it because I think I have a very close and personal relationship with sleep.

Some days back I was talking to a very close friend of mine and we were discussing how much I used to sleep in college. While discussing the same we realized, how sleep can give you different experiences on different days, situations etc.

Therefore, in this post I will try to describe different variants of sleep which I have experienced over a period of time. But please note that the this post contains only my experiences, the opinions may differ.

Opportunity Cost Sleep (‘OC Sleep’)

The best experience of sleep is OC Sleep. To experience this kind of sleep one needs to be courageous, fearless, ready to take up challenges etc etc in short OC Sleep is not for a weak hearted persons. I say so because to enjoy OC Sleep there is a lot of sacrifice which is needed. One would need to sacrifice the studies, attendance, morning sun, breakfast etc etc. In other words all that is sacrificed is the opportunity cost for enjoying the OC sleep.

Further, a person must be courageous to face the consequences of enjoying the OC Sleep. The most common side effect is that the person goes short on attendance.

Therefore, the strong hearted people, enjoy the OC sleep.

Sunday/ Holiday Sleep

As the name suggests, Holiday sleep is enjoyed during Sundays/ holidays, when you know that you are free to sleep.

Though every kind of sleep is a bliss, however, holiday sleep is not the best one in the list. In my experience, holiday sleep gets forced after a point of time.

I remember sleeping till 2- 4 pm on Sundays in college. The latter part of the sleep used to be forced because my conscience forced me to sleep till late hours. Why?? Because Miss. Conscience used to tell me that when you can sleep which the others are sitting in classes, you ought to sleep when no one is stopping you to sleep.

So I agreed…

Tactical Sleep

This kind of sleep needs a lot of tactic, practice and precision for obvious reasons. There are lot of dangers attached with this kind of sleep because you undertake the task of sleeping in the presence of the predators ie teachers.

You got it right!! This is the sleep which is executed during a class when the teacher is teaching.

There are different variants of tactical sleep viz sleep with the eyes open, while writing/ scribbling, while hiding from the teacher etc.

It is only because of the complexity of methods, that the executor of tactical sleep needs a lot of practice.

The sense of achievement for those moments is better than winning an Oscar.

Car Sleep

Now!! This sleep is a recent discovery. FYI my office is in Gurgaon and I live in Noida. Accordingly, it takes 1.5 – 2 hours to reach office.

For obvious reasons my frequency and time of sleep has drastically reduced but my love for it hasn’t. Thus, I sleep in the car. And trust me, it very nice.

So much so that I am still not aware of the exact route to my office because I end up sleeping in the car everyday.

Train Sleep

This sleep is enjoyed in the train. I personally love to sleep in the train. It feels like you are in a cradle, that slow motion puts me off to sleep pretty soon.

Another enjoyable experience..

So guys, these were the major verities of sleep I have experience, but this is not the end. There are many more kinds of sleep but writing about them will make this post too long. To name a few they are Flight Sleep, TV Sleep, Office Sleep, Drunk Sleep etc.

Hope you got an insight into my love and varied experience of SLEEP. Happy sleeping…

Will write more…

Till den



Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 review

2008 has gone by quietly and 2009 has arrived with new aspirations, hopes and surprises. At this juncture I fell that it is imperative to review the year 2008 for my own self.

The year started nicely, I was interning in Goldman Sachs and I was interviewed for a job there. I was nearly sure that I will get thru. That place has been really nice to me, in parts though.

In the later month (Feb - March) I was informed that the position for which I was interviewed has been scrapped by the head office. 2008 didn’t treat me really well during that period.

Feb – May, my life revolved around college, recruitment, managing short attendance, sleeping, partying and getting nostalgic about 5 years of my college life (May 2008, I graduated from National Law University, Jodhpur). Till march I saw everybody around me giving interviews and getting recruited, but somehow I wasn’t really worried about the recruitment, I somehow knew that something good would happen. Therefore, I kept myself busy with the above.

By the end of March I got recruited by Ernst & Young. Once again a personal Endeavor. Obviously, after the recruitment rest of the term in college was much more relaxed and fun.

April and May were spent in catching up with lot of things…. Life was taking a full circle, so much so that the last end term was on 3rd May, 2008 (Saturday) and NLU, Jodhpur entrance exam was on 3rd May, 2003 (Saturday).

May 6th I left college forever, it was a weird feeling, a feeling of nostalgia, excitement, sadness etc etc… I didn’t get time to relax after that, I joined work on 12th of May and since then life has been hectic…very very hectic.

Six months just went by in no time within this time I settled in a totally new environment of my company, learned a totally different area of law, shifted my house from Lucknow to Noida..... all in all started a new life!!

On a personal front too year 2008 was a roller coaster....Dec – Feb I was in Bangalore but it was a nice time spent with friends ETC. Feb – March was kinda tough and it taught me a lot of things in its own way and for its own reasons.

After that once again the life seemed smooth and then I started work and the things changed again… but it seemed that my priorities and meaning of life changed a bit…

Thus, from the above, I would construe that life in the year 2008 was exciting, unexpected, fun and filled with all the feelings which anyone could feel… I would always look back in 2008 for some choicest and cherished memories and forward to 2009 for hope!!

Till I write more..