Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi All,

This post is the result of my latest fit of introspection. For the past few days I have been introspecting about my life, its purpose and the expectations I had with it.

When I passed out of college, I had a rather Utopian view of the world and how it works. Irrespective of the horror stories which were narrated to me by my senior about how the life is all about work, how everyone has lost touch, how nothing is the same, I forced myself to believe that things would be better this way. I won’t let myself succumb to the pressure of life and rather the ‘corporate way of life’.

Now here I am, 9 months since I left Room 110, Ameer Ali Halls, National Law University, NH 64, Mandore, Jodhpur – 342004, introspecting and ruminating about everything I forced myself to believe while leaving college. Have I been successful in not succumbing to the pressures of the ‘corporate world’. Maybe for the first time ever, I would admit…NO I AM NOT SUCCESSFUL!! I miserably failed….. !!!

Maybe more than everyone else. The life seems to be revolving around office, work, appraisals, memos and mails. Life is routine, the excitements in life have reduced to exploring a new expensive restaurant or trying a new scotch.

I ended up realizing that I don’t want these excitements. For me exploring a new way to eat raw Maggi and tasting the local made ‘AC Sexy’ was much more pleasurable than what I am doing right now.

Those friends with whom I used to spend the major part of my day, now weeks go by and we don’t even get to talk once.

NO, I am not against working, I enjoy what I do. What I am against or rather what I fail to understand is, why do we end up sacrificing what we once cherished the most? Why can’t we live the same way and yet work the way we are doing right now?

I don’t have an answer to these questions!!! Do you??????



Ped Acharya said...

Sam... Frakly, I don't have a answer to the questions you have raised. I can't tell you how you can fulfill your promise to relive the past and stay connected. To the contrary, my only suggestion to you is that don't worry too much about it. Firtsly, in the long run there is nothing you can do to change it (you will lose old ppl/things and you will gain new ppl/things... its a vicious cycle). Secondly I don't think you should westle too much with life as that would only ruin the current expereince as you will get the feeling that you are always struggling to do one thing or the other. So just relax... go with the flow!

I have learnt through personal experience that you should take life as it as it comes. Enjoy every moment of it, becuase it will change in an instant and the only thing that would remain would be memories and hind sight (and often the regret as to how better you could have handled the previous event). Your law school was a phase of life, your internship with GS was a phase of life(remember the pyramid and donut baker and the crazy plan to do something crazy over the weekend!!!). All this has moved on to a new phase that is now E&Y. Be rest assured that even this experience will change. In essence one has to have the "time of the life" in that very moment, becuase it will be gone (well... only to be replaced by new set of events). The quote in rang de basanti summarises it adequately... something like... hum ek pair past par aur ek pair future mein rakhte hai... aur isliye aaj par muththe hai. So enjoy your present dude, make the most of it, becuase a couple of years down the line... this E&Y experience would be of the same significance as that of "Room 110, Ameer Ali Halls"... and you shouldn't regret that you did not make the most of it when it was still around.

Sameer Jain said...

Ped... I think you are right... i really can't do anything and in an attempt to live the past.. would end up spoiling the present and the future..

Think "aaj par muththna" is a good idea... hhehe way say??

Thanks for the fantastic piece of advise..will always remember it...!!

Anonymous said...

hum aage badte chale gaye..
khushiyaan peeche reh gayi..
aage chalne ki daud mein..
dost peeche reh gaye..

sabki raahein badal gayi..
koi humdum saath nahi dikhta..
har ek ki raah par sab akele..
dhundhte reh gaye woh manzar pyaar ka..

jub aage koi nahi dikha sabne palat kar dekha woh kal..
jo guzar gaya..jismein bandh gayi woh khushi..
woh hasi ke pal..
kayi baatein unkahee..

dil ab karta hai woh raat na guzre..
dil karta phir laut jaaun wahi..
dil karta woh unkahee baatein puri kar aaun..
aur ji luun ek nayi zindagi..

hum bhule nahi hai pyaar karna..
bas waqt ne baandh liye he haath..
hum bhule nahi hai khushi se jhoomna..
bas saath naachne gaane ko nahi woh log humare paas..