Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Life is strange. It has unique ways of making one realize that you are nothing more than a pawn and I am intrigued by the ways it achieves its purpose.

Sometimes, life seems to be the most beautiful thing in the world and as soon as you start taking it for granted, it reverts back.

Its funny in a very twisted way that how at one point of time, whatever found to be written in books which are very conveniently stacked and sold in expensive book stores, seems to be true, looks very fake, untrue and situational at some other time.

You might be wondering why am I writing all this. Maybe, because as I am growing older (yes I am!!) I am realizing all this and learning life the hard way or maybe I just want to be philosophical.

Its capability to change your views, opinions and shake the complete ‘you’ is amazing. What I have come to realize is that no one can live life on his own terms. Those who claim to do that are just following the path life has shown them, unconsciously. The ones who are conscious of the fact that they are living life the way life wants them to, don’t claim so too!!

Is everyone selfish, do all the acts motivated by subtle benefit which a person seeks to reap in present or in future? I think they are, if not then you are wrong.!!!



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Ped Acharya said...

Hey Sam, interesting thought! I agree with what you said in part. I say "in part" not because the thought is incorrect, but because I think that it's incomplete, as it's exploring only one dimension of the issue.

Lets look at this way, don't you think living life on "ones own terms" is actually a way in which one is trying to force life into one particular direction. Its comes across as a nice thing to do as you think you are in "control". It in a way also signifies "freedom" as you perceive that you have chosen what you want your life to do. But in reality one is never in control of their life. I have noted that control in most instances is just an illusion, shattered at the occurrence of the next life changing event!

Surprisingly, even I have struggled with this thought forever. I for a long period of time tried to be a control freak. I always wanted to be on top of the situation and wanted the ability to accurately predict where life will go next. I always wanted to perfectly perceive and attain certainty about how people will behave, live and react. I don't need to emphasis how much I despised uncertainty to the core when I was much younger.

In retrospect I think I have failed miserably to take complete control of my life, and had wasted lots of time trying to attain the illusion of "control". But, does that mean that my life has fallen apart and I am disillusioned? I have learnt it the hard way that you can never truly control people or other things in your life, and more importantly you shouldn't. Embrace it as it comes, the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the loyalty and the betrayal.

Eventually life will stop bothering you as you are skipping the small print and are looking at the big picture. The negative aspect is that your expectations of others will reduce drastically, you won't feel pained or surprised if someone stabs you in the back, or misuses you, but that is fine because to you it doesn’t matter any more. You understand that it’s a part of the package, and is rather trivial in the long run.

So, my advice as always is for you to enjoy life as it comes. Sit back, relax and watch things go by, have a sense of humor and intellect about it, and you will cherish the experience. Don't try to grab on to the "life", let go and you will make the most of it! :)